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Is it cheaper to vape than to smoke in Arizona?2019-08-26T20:21:33+00:00

You will most likely save money over time by switching to vaping and buying juice from our Phoenix Vape Shop. For some people, vaping is a favorite hobby, and they spend extra money on top-of-the-line devices. This is not necessary to enjoy vaping, though. ?

Can I quit smoking with vaping?2019-08-26T20:22:56+00:00

Many people we meet in our Arizona shops have had success with using vaping to quit smoking. The FDA regulates smoking cessation products, and they have not approved vaping devices as a product to help people quit smoking.

What should I look for when choosing a vaping device?2019-06-20T19:19:47+00:00

It depends on your preferences and priorities. If you want a simple, portable device, a pocket vape may be the best choice. If you want something more powerful, you may prefer a box mod vape. Complete systems are a good option for people who value convenience and simplicity, but a la carte systems allow you to mix and match your preferred components.

Are there any companies I should avoid?2019-06-20T19:19:24+00:00

Before making a purchase, you should always research the brand and product. Look at the claims they make on their website, read their customer reviews, and ask your friends who vape for their recommendations.

Which product is most like smoking?2019-06-20T19:19:00+00:00

You should not expect any vaping product to be exactly like smoking. One of the most popular products for former cigarette smokers is JUUL. Some people also enjoy cig-a-likes, which are designed to function and feel as close to cigarettes as possible.

How can I get the best tobacco flavor?2019-06-20T19:18:37+00:00

You can try out a few different tobacco-flavored e-liquids to find the one you like best. Keep in mind, though, that vaping is different from smoking, so you may not find one that tastes or feels precisely like cigarettes.

I live in Arizona. Can I save money over smoking?2019-08-26T20:24:49+00:00

Vaping is typically cheaper than smoking. Your vaping device may be an expensive one-time cost, but e-liquid is much more cost effective than cigarettes.

What strength e-liquid should I buy?2019-07-01T18:22:37+00:00

Many cigarette smokers that we meet in our Phoenix Vape Shop start with e-liquids that have a nicotine content of 18 milligrams per milliliter and eventually decrease to 12 or fewer milligrams per milliliter. If your tolerance to nicotine is low, you should not buy e-liquid with such a high nicotine content.

What e-liquids should I get?2019-06-20T19:17:35+00:00

Everyone has different e-liquid preferences. Over time, you’ll discover your favorite brands and flavors. However, if you’re used to smoking, you may enjoy starting with a traditional tobacco flavor.

What are PG or VG e-liquids?2019-06-20T19:15:54+00:00

PG, or propylene glycol, and VG, or vegetable glycerol, are both e-liquid ingredients. PG causes a stronger throat hit and often has a better flavor, but VG creates more visible vapor and is usually gentler on the throat and lungs.

Is vaping right for me?2019-06-20T19:15:36+00:00

If you currently smoke, vaping is probably right for you. Countless people have successfully overcome smoking addictions with the help of vaping.

Can I vape anywhere in Arizona?2019-08-26T20:26:03+00:00

Like smoking, you cannot vape in public places in certain areas. Property owners can prohibit vaping, too. You should always check local laws and regulations before vaping in public.

What do I need to buy?2019-06-20T19:15:00+00:00

To start vaping, you’ll need a vaping device. Some of the most common vaping devices include e-cigarettes, pocket vaporizers, pen vaporizers, and box mods. The best option for you depends on your preferences for size, portability, and power. You’ll also need e-liquid, which supplies the vapor.

Is vaping safe in Arizona?2019-08-26T20:27:03+00:00

E-liquids typically contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance and can be harmful to children, teenagers, and pregnant women. If you are worried about the risks of nicotine consumption, you can purchase nicotine-free vaping supplies in our Phoenix shop.

Why should I vape?2019-06-20T19:14:17+00:00

Many people find that vaping provides a similar sensation and ritual as smoking without the harmful tobacco or harsh smoke so that it can be an excellent alternative to cigarettes. E-liquids also come in several different flavors, so vaping can be an enjoyable sensory experience.

How do vaping devices work?2019-06-20T19:14:02+00:00

There are a wide variety of different vaping devices on the market, but all e-cigarettes use a battery to power a coil heating element, which heats e-liquid until it turns into vapor.

Should I steep my juice? How do I do it?2019-06-20T19:13:25+00:00

To steep e-liquid means to let it age to improve its flavor. Over time, the ingredients will blend, and small amounts of alcohol will evaporate. The best way to do this is to keep the bottle in an opaque box in a cool, dark location. Every few days, remove the cap for about 30 minutes. It’s usually best to steep fruit flavors for up to one week, tobacco flavors for up to three weeks, and dessert flavors for up to four weeks.

How should I store my juice in Arizona?2019-08-26T20:27:49+00:00

For the longest possible lifespan, store e-liquids you buy from our Phoenix Vape Shop in a cool, dark place.

Help! I’m new to e-cigarettes and vaping! Where do I start?2019-06-20T19:12:49+00:00

If you’re new to vaping, the first thing you should do is learn about how vaping works, what supplies you need, and what you should expect. Doing your research and making informed purchases are the best ways to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

Some vendors offer different VG/PG blends. Do you offer different juice ratios here?2019-06-20T19:12:27+00:00

All of our shops offer a selection of 70/30, 80/20 and max VG ratios.

Help! There’s a problem with my order. How do I return a product?2019-06-20T19:12:12+00:00

Bring the item, along with the receipt, into the store it was purchased from. One of our associates will determine if we’re able to accept a return or offer an exchange on the product(s).

What is your shipping policy?2019-08-26T20:29:24+00:00

We only ship from business to business. All shipments are sent out with 3-5 business days. We can also offer local pickup in our Arizona shops.

Can I order online from you?2019-07-01T20:17:16+00:00

Unfortunately, no. It is challenging to verify a persons age online, so, to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors, we do not accept online orders at our Phoenix Vape Shop.

Do you ship orders?2019-06-20T19:11:15+00:00

Unfortunately, we cannot ship directly to customers due to age verification laws. We can, however, ship from business to business.

I own a vape shop in Arizona. Can I buy products from you at wholesale prices?2019-08-26T20:30:30+00:00

Absolutely! Send us an email with your shop name, contact info, and what product(s) you’re interested in and a representative will reach out to you.

I’m an e-juice maker/vendor. How do I sell my e-liquid through Cloud Slingers?2019-06-20T19:03:30+00:00

We’re always open to selling new, high-quality products in our store. Please send us an email request with your product list, pricing, and contact info for our consideration.

I don’t see my favorite e-juice on the site anywhere. When will you start carrying my favorite e-liquid maker’s e-juice line?2019-08-26T20:32:11+00:00

We’re always open to carrying new products from other Arizona shops. Send us the flavor of e-liquid along with the nicotine strength, and we will look into getting it into our Phoenix Vape Shop for you.

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