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Prescott Vape Shop

If you compare expenses, does vaping in Arizona save you money compared to smoking?2019-09-03T18:28:23+00:00

For most people we meet at our Prescott Vape Shop, the answer is a resounding, yes! We mentioned before that after your initial costs, all you need to buy is the vaping juice, which is very affordable and costs much less than normal cigarettes. If you want to treat yourself, there’s always the option of upping your vaping game with some premium juices.

I’m a smoker trying to quit – should I try vaping to do that?2019-09-03T18:31:08+00:00

Smoking can be a hard habit to get over. Sometimes you just need some help. Many people we meet in our Arizona shops indicate to us they used vaping as that help to get them over the hump. It is important to note, however, that the FDA doesn’t recognize vaping as a “cessation” method.

As Arizona vaping experts, what would you say are some “must-have” features?2019-09-03T18:29:14+00:00

There’s no one answer to this question. It’s all about you. Are you the type who needs convenience? Try a pocket vaper. More of an all-or-nothing type of person? Try a box mod.

What Arizona vaping manufacturers should I be avoiding?2019-09-03T18:31:59+00:00

We believe that our customers deserve no less than the best. There are some less-than-stellar products on the market, so be sure to check around & make sure you’re buying quality.

I’m trying to recreate the smoking experience while vaping – is that possible?2019-07-02T14:59:44+00:00

It will be different, but there are some great options out there that will get you darned close! JUUL is one great option we carry at Prescott Vape Shop and they are cig-alikes.

What if tobacco is my favorite flavor? Are there good tobaccos flavored e-juices?2019-06-21T02:52:14+00:00

Like we touched on earlier, e-juices come in basically every flavor you can imagine. However, since it’s vapor instead of smoke, it is going to be different in some ways to normal cigarettes.

What about cost? Is vaping expensive like normal smoking is in Arizona?2019-09-03T18:32:54+00:00

Happily, the answer is no! Vaping has a bit of an initial cost when you buy your vaping device. However, a quality device will last you a long time & e-juice is refreshingly more affordable than cigarettes. So, if you’re trying to be smarter with money, vaping is for you!

Can you explain how e-juice strength works?2019-06-21T02:51:45+00:00

The biggest thing to realize here is that strength is all about how much nicotine is contained in an e-juice. Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to nicotine. If you’re new to vaping and are not a smoker, you’ll want to start with a low-level strength. Smokers can start at 17-18 milligrams per milliliter & reduce strength over time.

You guys have a huge selection of e-juices – how do I pick?2019-07-02T15:00:40+00:00

We know, it can be hard. But thankfully – you’ve got all the time in the world! So, dive in headfirst at our Prescott Vape Shop and don’t be afraid to try new flavors. You never know when you might run across your new favorite e-juice!

I don’t understand the difference between PG and VG liquids – can you explain that?2019-06-21T02:51:13+00:00

For sure! Let’s first define the terms – the “P” stands for propylene, and the “G” stands for glycerol. A propylene glycol liquid is more of a stout liquid that has a stouter flavor and a bit of a kick to it. As far as VG, the “V” stands for vegetable, and the “G” once again stands for glycerol. VG liquids are generally a bit more on the mild side & also creates a cool vapor that you can see.

What if I’m still on the fence? How do I know vaping is the way to go?2019-09-03T18:33:51+00:00

One easy way to answer this question is by answering another question – are you trying to quit smoking? If the answer is yes, then you can stop in one of Arizona shops and give vaping a try to kick that habit once and for all.

Are there laws around where you can vape (like they have with smoking)?2019-06-21T02:50:45+00:00

In many places, yes. You will want to be on the look-out for signs and placards and check local ordinances about vaping to make sure you’re on the right side of the law when you’re indulging.

What are the basics needed to get started with vaping?2019-07-02T15:02:26+00:00

1. A vaping device (something like a simple vaporizer or an e-cig, or if you want to get fancy a box mod)
2. A bottle of e-liquid purchased from our Prescott Vape Shop.
3. That’s all!
Your set-up depends on your style, taste, etc. Try out some different options and see what you like best!

Smoking vs. Vaping – which is safer overall?2019-06-21T02:50:13+00:00

Both normal cigarette smoking and (most) vaping causes you to ingest the addictive substance known as nicotine (something that is not good for pregnant women or minors). Although vaping means you’re not breathing smoke or getting tar in your body. For anyone wanting to avoid nicotine, Cloud Slingers offers vape juice that doesn’t contain any nicotine!

What would make someone choose vaping over some other option out there?2019-06-21T02:49:57+00:00

People love vaping for a ton of different reasons. For some, it is a way to stop cigarette smoking effectively. For others, they love the fact that they can vape without being a nuisance to those around them. And then there’s the fact that your selection of e-juice flavors is extensive. It’s all about options!

What creates the vapor in an e-cig?2019-09-03T18:34:53+00:00

So, each vaping device available in Arizona works a little differently. But the basic concept is the same throughout – a little heating coil warms the e-juice until it gets hot enough to become vapor. The vaping device then gives you a way to breathe in that delicious vapor.

Why is it called vaping?2019-07-02T15:03:57+00:00

Vaping is a new word. It’s a verb form of the word ‘vapor’ which refers to the vapor that you breathe using a vaping device and vape juice you pick up for cheap from our Prescott Vape Shop.

Can you explain e-juice steeping? Do you have to steep e-juice?2019-06-21T02:48:43+00:00

First – no, you don’t have to steep e-juice if you don’t want to. However, some vapers swear that steeping is the best way to experience the true flavor locked inside e-juice. The process is simple – it’s just exposing the juice to the air for about half an hour or so periodically. Depending on the type of flavor (tobacco, fruit, dessert, etc.), different steeping time recommendations are ranging anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Is e-juice perishable? How do I make it last in storage?2019-06-21T02:48:20+00:00

Like many perishable goods, e-juice does best when it’s put somewhere that is nice and cool. Exposure to light is also not good for your e-juice, so keep it out of the light when in storage.

So, I’m a vaping newbie, and my head is spinning. What’s a good starting point?2019-06-21T02:48:05+00:00

Everyone starts at the beginning & we’re here to help! At the top of your to-do list when starting should be to educate yourself on vaping itself. We’ve got friendly experts in the shop that would love to talk with you!

Do you offer different VP/PG blends in store?2019-07-02T15:04:58+00:00

That’s an easy question – yes! 70/30 is a popular option that we have. Or if you’re more of an 80/20 kind of person, we’ve got you covered at our Prescott Vape Shop too. Max VG? We have that too.

Do you guys accept returns on purchases made?2019-09-03T18:35:42+00:00

Sometimes you get the wrong product – it happens! And we get that. Which is why we make returns simple. All you need is your receipt & the item you no longer want. Bring them into one of our Arizona stores & we’ll get you taken care of!

When it comes to shipping, what is your store policy?2019-06-21T02:47:18+00:00

Cloud Slingers is happy to send packages directly to places of business. However, we can only do that kind of shipping. If you place that kind of order, we’ll have your items coming at you in 3-5 business days. Or like we talked about before, in-store pick-up at any of our convenient locations is also a great option!

Is there going to be a way to order online?2019-06-21T02:47:03+00:00

Like we mentioned above, we can’t ship to personal residences. We do offer in-store pick-up. And we’ve got plenty of locations around the area making it super simple to find one near you!

Is Cloud Slingers able to deliver to me if I can’t get into one of your Arizona stores?2019-09-03T18:37:01+00:00

To protect minors, we’re very serious about age verification at our Prescott Vape Shop. Since there’s no good way to do this when shipping, we can’t send packages to personal residences. Another option is to have things shipped to a place of business – that we can do!

What about wholesale? Does Cloud Slingers offer wholesale prices to other vaping shops?2019-06-21T02:46:29+00:00

The vaping community is a strong one, and we love making it stronger by joining forces with other shops. Let us know in an email what items you have an interest in, your store name, and how to get ahold of you. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Say I’m a vendor and a manufacturer, is Cloud Slingers interested in stocking new products?2019-06-21T02:46:14+00:00

We are always open to talking about this option! Shoot an email our way with all the pertinent details – product name, product cost, and the best way to reach you – and we can go from there!

What if you don’t stock my favorite e-juice?2019-07-02T15:06:49+00:00

If customers at our Prescott Vape Shop can’t find their favorite e-juice, we’re always open to expanding our offerings based on customer demand! Just let us know what kind of flavor or brand you’re looking for, as well as the nicotine strength you have in mind and we can take it from there!

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