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Prescott Valley Vape Shop

Prescott Valley Vape Shop

Which is more expensive in Arizona – vaping or traditional smoking?2019-09-03T18:48:16+00:00

The majority of people we meet in our Prescott Valley Vape Shop end up saving by moving from traditional cigarette smoking to vape. Vaping can be enjoyed at a very minimal expenditure. Although, some people view it as more of a fun hobby and like to indulge in tricked out devices or fancy e-juice.

Is vaping a good way to stop traditional smoking?2019-09-03T18:49:39+00:00

While the FDA or the State of Arizona has not officially recognized vaping to quit smoking for good, tons of people have used it to do just exactly that. Everyone is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. However, vaping does have a good track record.

What are the most important features to look for in a vaping unit?2019-06-21T02:38:52+00:00

Again, a lot of this answer comes down to what you like and don’t like! If you’re on the minimalist side, check out the pocket vapers. If you’re looking for power, box mods are a great option. We also offer complete systems to simplify the process for you, or you can make your own system, whichever you prefer!

Vaping is a relatively new thing. What manufacturers are of poor quality?2019-07-02T14:41:45+00:00

At our Prescott Valley Vape Shop, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality products. It’s smart to do your due diligence and look into any company, check reviews, and talk to fellow vapers.

If I want to get as close to normal smoking as possible, which product should I choose?2019-06-21T02:38:26+00:00

Vaping is fundamentally different from smoking; however, many people coming off of traditional smoking, really like JUUL. There is also cig-alikes which, as the name implies is for people just like you who want that traditional smoking experience while vaping.

I’m a tobacco lover – what’s the best flavor option for me?2019-06-21T02:38:04+00:00

There are tons of different tobacco flavored e-juices that you can try out. While you may not find one that is exactly like a cigarette, you may find something you like even better!

Is vaping cheaper than traditional smoking?2019-09-03T18:50:51+00:00

For most of the people we meet in our Arizona shops, the answer here is yes! Often there are some upfront costs (like your first e-cig); however, after that, the e-juice you buy at our Prescott Valley Vape Shop is way less expensive than cigarettes are.

I’ve heard there are different strengths of e-juices. Which strength should I choose?2019-06-21T02:37:37+00:00

The strength of an e-juice is signifying its nicotine content level. If you’re new to smoking, you should start with a low strength juice. Again, if you’re coming off traditional smoking, you could start with 18 milligrams per milliliter and go down from there.

How do I choose the right e-juice?2019-06-21T02:37:20+00:00

Like most things in life, a lot of this has to do with your preferences. Just like you won’t know your favorite dessert until you’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, you won’t know your favorite e-juice until you’ve tried out a bunch! If you are coming off traditionally smoking, a tobacco e-juice is a great place to start.

I’ve heard PG and VG e-liquids talked about – what are those?2019-07-02T14:44:35+00:00

We get this question a lot from customers at our Prescott Valley Vape Shop. PG and VG stand for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol respectively. They designate what kind of ingredients are in vaping liquids. VG is a lot better at creating a vapor that you can see and is easier on your lungs as well as your throat. PG, on the other hand, often has a more robust flavor while at the same time causing a more potent hit on your throat area.

How do I know if vaping is for me?2019-06-21T02:36:16+00:00

Are you currently a traditional smoker? Then you might want to give vaping a try! It’s been used by countless people to conquer a smoking habit.

Is vaping restricted to certain areas in Arizona like smoking is?2019-09-03T18:51:53+00:00

The answer is yes, but generally to a more limited degree. There are areas where vaping is not allowed, such as some businesses or public areas. Usually, you can find signs regarding regulations or, if in doubt, ask someone before vaping.

What does a good vaping setup look like?2019-07-02T14:45:40+00:00

First on your list is going to be a pen vaporizer, a pocket vaporizer, a box mod, or simply an e-cig. All of it is contingent on your needs and what you like or don’t like. Think through how big of a device you want to carry around and what kind of power supply would be easiest for you. Other than that, all you need is some e-juice from our Prescott Valley Vape Shop, and you’re all set!

Is using an e-cig any safer than traditional smoking?2019-06-21T02:35:29+00:00

While there is a lot of debate around this topic, it is true that vaping removes the hazard of smoke inhalation. However, e-juice still has nicotine in it, which is addictive and is not safe for women who are pregnant or minors. The good news is that we provide juice that does not contain nicotine if you still want to try vaping.

Why would someone go with vaping?2019-09-03T18:53:34+00:00

For people who smoke traditional cigarettes and are trying to quit, vaping is a great alternative that may be safer and less harmful to your health. Also, it can be less invasive to people that you are around (no smoke) and you have nearly limitless numbers of flavors to choose from if you shop at one of Arizona shops!

Can you explain how an e-cig works?2019-07-02T14:46:50+00:00

There are tons of different e-cigs out there that all work slightly differently. However, most use a simple battery-powered heating element to turn the e-juice into vapor. We carry over 400 tasty flavors at our Prescott Valley Vape Shop, just so you know.

For somebody new to this – what would a definition of vaping be?2019-06-21T02:34:37+00:00

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling liquid vapor (usually flavored) through the use of an electronic cigarette (also called an e-cig).

I’ve heard people talk about steeping e-juice. What is that, and is it important to do it?2019-06-21T02:34:24+00:00

Steeping is a process of letting e-juice age to make it more flavorful. Think of steeping tea – you let it sit to make sure all the goodness is out of the leaves before you enjoy it. You don’t have to, but some people prefer the flavor of steeped juices. All you have to do is periodically take the cap off and expose the e-juice to the air for about half an hour. Depending on the kind of flavor, you can steep for longer or shorter amounts of time. Generally, the recommendation is four weeks for dessert flavors, three weeks for tobacco flavors, and one week for fruit flavors.

What is the best way to store e-juice in Arizona?2019-09-03T18:54:22+00:00

All e-juice and e-liquids you buy at our Prescott Valley Vape Shop should be kept in someplace that is dark and cool. This will ensure they stay fresh for the longest time possible.

I’m just getting started in the vaping world – how and where do I begin?2019-06-21T02:33:52+00:00

We help new people get into vaping all the time! First, you need to know how exactly vaping and e-cigarette work. A member of our team would love to help you figure out exactly what kind of setup you need!

What about VG/PG blends – what kind of options do you have?2019-06-21T02:33:31+00:00

Whether you’re looking for max VG, 80/20, or 70/30, any of our shops has got you covered!

I’ve run into an issue with the order I made. Is there a way to make a return?2019-07-02T14:48:41+00:00

Of course! We want to make it right so just come to the store of purchase with what you bought, and the receipt and a member of our Prescott Valley Vape Shop team will be happy to work with you and figure out a good option whether it be an exchange or a refund.

What is your policy on shipping?2019-09-03T18:55:40+00:00

Sending a shipment from business to business is the only kind of shipping we can do from our Arizona shops. We’ll have orders in the mail within three to five (business) days. One option you might consider is doing a local pickup – it’s quick and easy!

What about ordering online through Cloud Slingers?2019-06-21T02:32:42+00:00

We want to do everything we can to ensure that we follow the laws to protect minors. Because of that and the difficulty posed by trying to verify someone’s age online, we can’t do orders online.

I can’t come into the shop; can I get my order delivered?2019-07-02T14:49:43+00:00

Age verification laws make it so we can’t deliver orders directly to residences from our Prescott Valley Vape Shop. However, shipping to a business is something that we can do!

If I have my own vape store, is it possible to purchase things from Cloud Slingers at wholesale?2019-06-21T02:32:09+00:00

Yes! Again, we love partnering with fellow vape-lovers. So, email us with how to contact you, which store you run, and which products you want to stock, and we can talk.

If I am a vendor or maker of e-liquid, is there a way that I can get my product into your Arizona stores?2019-09-03T18:56:34+00:00

Definitely! We love partnering with awesome manufacturers and vendors that are providing top-notch products. Shoot us an email with all the details (what you sell, how much it costs, and how to reach you), and we’ll be in touch!

I can’t seem to find my favorite juice here – are you going to expand your selection?2019-07-02T14:50:39+00:00

The short answer is – yes! We’re all about providing you with the e-liquids that you want. Contact our Prescott Valley Vape Shop and let us know the flavor and nicotine strength. Then we can see what we can do about stocking it in your local store!

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