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Is vaping more affordable than smoking in Arizona?2019-08-21T16:24:08+00:00

You will likely be able to save money over time if you shop at our Peoria Vape Shop and switch from smoking to vaping. If vaping is your favorite hobby, of course, there can be expensive top-of-the-line devices. However, this is not always necessary, and e-liquid is generally much more affordable than cigarettes in Arizona. 😊

Does vaping work for quitting smoking?2019-08-21T16:24:53+00:00

The FDA has not officially approved vaping as a smoking cessation product. However, many Arizona residents have used vaping and successfully been able to quit smoking.

When choosing a vaping device, what should I look for?2019-07-29T20:30:09+00:00

The type of vaping device that you prefer will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. For a device that is simpler and more portable, you will likely enjoy a pocket vape. If you want a more powerful device, a box mod will suit your fancy. A complete system is also a good option for a person who prefers convenience and simplicity. A la carte systems allow you to mix and match the vaping supplies to create a more customizable kit.

Are there any companies that I should be wary of in Arizona?2019-08-21T16:25:56+00:00

Before purchasing any vape supplies, be sure always to research the brand and the product that you are purchasing. Read what their website says, along with customer reviews, and be sure to ask your vaping friends for their recommendations.

What product is the closest to smoking?2019-07-29T20:28:33+00:00

Because vaping and smoking are not the same thing, there isn’t one vaping product that will feel exactly like smoking. Typically, most former cigarette smokers enjoy using JUUL as an alternative to smoking, and cig-a-likes are also quite popular since they were designed to function in a similar way to cigarettes.

What flavor is the closest to real tobacco?2019-08-08T20:47:30+00:00

It’s important to remember that e-liquid is not the same thing as traditional cigarettes, and, likely, there won’t be a flavor that exactly resembles tobacco. That said, to find the tobacco-flavored e-liquid that you most prefer you’ll need to visit our Peoria Vape Shop and test out a few different e-liquids.

Is it cheaper to vape?2019-08-21T16:26:45+00:00

Vaping can be much cheaper than cigarettes in Arizona. The vaping device can sometimes be an expensive cost; however, it is a one-time purchase. In the long run, e-liquid is much more cost-effective than cigarettes.

Does it matter what strength of e-liquid I buy?2019-07-29T20:27:05+00:00

The strength of e-liquid that you buy will depend on what your nicotine tolerance is. Often, cigarette smokers start with e-liquids that have 18 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. Eventually, they tend to drop the strength down to 12 or fewer milligrams per milliliter. If your nicotine tolerance is not very high, you shouldn’t start with an e-liquid with high nicotine content.

What flavors should I buy?2019-08-08T20:49:11+00:00

When it comes to vaping, everyone we meet at our Peoria Vape Shop seems to have different flavor preferences. Once you’ve tried out a few different flavors, you will eventually figure out your favorite brands and flavors. If you are picking up vaping after smoking cigarettes, you might enjoy starting with a flavor that resembles traditional tobacco.

What makes PG different from VG e-liquids?2019-07-29T20:25:12+00:00

VG is propylene glycerol and typically results in a stronger throat hit and sharper flavor. VG is vegetable glycerol and generally provides more visible vapor and is gentler on the user’s throat and lungs.

Is vaping the right choice for me?2019-08-21T16:28:20+00:00

Many cigarette smokers have found vaping to be a healthy and positive alternative. There are lots of people in Arizona who have been able to quit smoking thanks to vaping.

Can I vape wherever I want in Arizona?2019-08-21T16:28:53+00:00

Like smoking, there are regulations on where you can and can’t vape. Be sure to always check the local laws and regulations before vaping in a public place.

What do I need to buy to start vaping?2019-07-29T20:22:43+00:00

To start vaping, first, you’ll need a vaping device. Popular vaping devices include e-cigarettes, pen vaporizers, pocket vaporizers, and box mods. The vaping device that you purchase will be dependent on your personal preferences for size, portability, and the power of the device. You’ll also need to purchase e-liquid to supply the vapor for the device.

Is vaping safe?2019-08-21T16:30:09+00:00

E-liquids contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance that can be harmful to children, teenagers, and pregnant women. However, there are also nicotine-free vaping supplies that are available for purchase in all our Arizona shops.

Why is vaping the right choice for me?2019-08-08T20:50:23+00:00

Many people we talk to at our Peoria Vape Shop find that when they vape, it is like smoking but without the harmful tobacco or smoke. Aside from it being healthier, e-liquids also come in a variety of different flavors, which can help make vaping incredibly enjoyable.

What makes the vaping device work?2019-07-29T20:20:55+00:00

There are different types of vaping devices, but they all essentially work the same. A vaping device is battery operated and uses a coil heating element to heat the e-liquid and turn it to vapor.

What is vaping?2019-07-29T20:20:07+00:00

Vaping is the ability to smoke using electronic cigarettes. Instead of smoking, though, the user inhales and exhales vapor.

Should I steep my juice? How does that work?2019-07-29T20:19:41+00:00

Steeping e-liquid allows you to get the most out of your e-juices flavor. When e-juice is steeped, the ingredients blend and small amounts of alcohol evaporate over time. This makes the juice have a richer and more vibrant flavor.

If you’re looking to steep your juice, the best way to do it is to keep your bottle in a cool dark place in an opaque box. Then, every few days for 30 minutes, remove the cap so that the liquid can steep.

Fruit flavors should steep for one week, tobacco flavors for three weeks, and dessert flavors should steep for four weeks.

Do I need to store the juice in Arizona any specific way?2019-08-21T16:31:00+00:00

Yes. If you want your e-juice to have the longest possible lifespan, it’s best practice to store it in a place that is dark and cool.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are all so new to me. Where do I begin?2019-07-29T20:18:25+00:00

If vaping is a new thing for you, the best way to get started is to learn how vaping works and what supplies you’ll need. It’s also a good idea to learn what you want to get out of vaping and what to expect when you vape. If you do your research and make smart choices when you buy your supplies, you will have a pleasant vaping experience.

Some vendors offer different options for VG or PG blends. Do you offer different juice ratios at your store?2019-07-29T20:17:54+00:00

Yes, all our shops give our customers the option to choose from 70/30, 80/20, and max VG rations.

There’s an issue with my order. What is your return process?2019-07-29T20:17:27+00:00

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or there is an issue with your order, you can bring the item with the receipt to the store where it was purchased. From there, an associate will determine if we can return or exchange the item.

What is your shipping policy?2019-08-21T16:32:42+00:00

We only ship business to business and do not ship directly to customers. Typically, our shipments are sent out within 3-5 days after the order is placed. Additionally, we also offer the option to pick up the order at one of our Arizona Vape Shops.

Can I order from your store online?2019-08-08T20:51:21+00:00

Our Peoria Vape Shop is not able to accept online orders currently because it is difficult to verify a person’s age online. It’s important to us that we are not selling tobacco products to minors.

Can you ship your products?2019-08-21T16:33:28+00:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship directly to customers because of age verification laws in Arizona and the US. We do, however, ship from business to business.

Am I able to purchase your products at wholesale prices for my vape shop?2019-07-29T20:15:38+00:00

Absolutely. Send us an email with your shop name and contact info and the products that you’re interested in buying, and we will get in touch with you.

If I make my e-juice, can I sell it through Cloud Slingers?2019-07-29T20:15:11+00:00

We are always happy to discover new e-juice and vendors. If you’d like to sell your product through Cloud Slingers, be sure to send us an email request with a product list, the pricing, and your contact info. One of our representatives will reach out if it looks like you are a good match.

I don’t see my favorite e-liquid maker’s e-juice on your site. Will it ever be available on Cloud Slingers?2019-08-08T20:52:28+00:00

We always are more than happy to consider requests for new products based on our Peoria Vape Shop customers’ demands. If you would like to send us your favorite e-liquid flavor, along with its nicotine strength, and we will investigate bringing it to a store near you.

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