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Flagstaff Vape Shop in Arizona

Flagstaff Vape Store

Which is cheaper in Arizona? Smoking or Vaping?2019-08-26T19:44:47+00:00

More than likely, if you switch to vaping and buy from our Flagstaff Vape Store, you are going to save some money in the long run. Although it’s an option, you don’t have to pay top dollar for a vaping device and e-liquids to enjoy vaping as you do smoking.

Can I successfully replace cigarette smoking with vaping?2019-06-21T20:07:32+00:00

Although the FDA has not yet given official approval for vaping devices to be used as a product to stop the use of cigarettes, many people successfully use vaping to stop smoking.

What kind of features does a good vaping device have?2019-06-21T20:07:12+00:00

It’s strictly a personal choice. If you are starting to vape, you will do well to buy a pocket vape. It is portable, simple to use and will get you acclimated to the world of vaping. Later, you can buy your components separately to customize your vaping experience or try something more powerful, like a box mod vape.

Are some Arizona vape companies better than others?2019-08-26T19:45:36+00:00

Before you start trying out any vaping products, you should do some research. Talk to your friends who vape, go online for information, or ask one of our local sales associates for help.

What vaping product can I use to replace smoking?2019-07-01T21:01:35+00:00

Some former smokers we meet at our Flagstaff Vape Store like JUUL and others prefer cig-a-likes to take the place of cigarette smoking. However, vaping may not be able to recreate the feel of smoking cigarettes as precisely as you might like.

What tobacco flavor is closest to the real thing?2019-06-21T20:06:09+00:00

Because tobacco blends are all unique, you may have to experiment to find the flavor closest to your brand. Also, since vaping isn’t the same as smoking cigarettes, the feel and taste of vaping may not be the same.

Does vaping save me money versus smoking?2019-08-26T19:47:06+00:00

With vaping, the most costly one-time expense you will have is a vaping device. After that, it generally costs less to use e-liquid than to buy individual cigarettes in Arizona.

What strength of nicotine is best for me?2019-06-21T20:05:30+00:00

If you don’t smoke, try a non-nicotine e-liquid. For smokers, e-liquids with 18 milligrams per milliliter is a good place to start. Then you can gradually decrease this to a lower amount, like 12 milligrams or less per milliliter.

What’s the best e-liquid in Flagstaff?2019-08-26T19:48:21+00:00

Smokers can start with a tobacco flavor, which is most familiar, and then discover new brands and flavors along the way to discovering a favorite e-liquid.

What is the difference between VG and PG in e-liquids?2019-06-21T20:04:52+00:00

VG (vegetable glycerol) can be milder to inhale and has a more visible vapor. PG (propylene glycol) is more flavorful, but stronger on the throat.

Vaping. The right choice?2019-08-26T19:49:18+00:00

Many smokers we meet in our Flagstaff Vape Store find vaping a satisfying alternative to smoking cigarettes and stop smoking altogether.

Where am I allowed to vape?2019-07-01T21:03:24+00:00

Although most people don’t mind it, vaping is not exactly a free pass to do it anywhere you like. Public and private properties may prohibit it by law, so ask before you vape. If you have additional questions please ask our staff at our Flagstaff Vape Store next time you stop in.

What should my first purchase be?2019-06-21T20:03:59+00:00

First, you will want to choose your vaping device, based on where and how you want to use it. The most frequently purchased vaping devices are e-cigarettes, but there are also pen vaporizers, pocket vaporizers, and box mods. Next, you will want to buy e-liquid for the vapor.

How safe is it to vape?2019-07-01T21:04:43+00:00

Our Flagstaff Vape Store carries vaping supplies that are nicotine-free for those concerned about consuming nicotine. Be aware that many e-liquids do contain nicotine, a substance which can be addictive and harmful – even more so for pregnant women and young people.

Why do people vape?2019-08-26T19:50:59+00:00

People prefer vaping to smoking cigarettes for several reasons. First, it provides the familiarity of smoking without the harsh smoke. Second, by vaping, you cut out the harmful tobacco. Also, as an alternative to cigarettes, the e-liquids we carry in our Flagstaff Vape Store come in many flavors for a more pleasant sensation.

What makes a vaping device function?2019-06-21T20:02:57+00:00

While there are many kinds of vaping devices you can buy, a battery-powered coil heating element is what e-cigarettes use to turn e-liquid into vapor by heating it.

Vaping. What exactly is it?2019-07-01T21:06:56+00:00

Vaping means that you are inhaling vapor you purchase at our Flagstaff Vape Store with the help of an e-cigarette.

What does it mean to steep e-juice?2019-06-21T20:02:23+00:00

Steeping e-liquids means to let it breathe occasionally. This enhances the flavor because as some of the alcohol evaporates, the other ingredients will start blending. Keeping the bottle of e-liquid in a closed box and a cool place starts the process of steeping. Then, take off the cap for half an hour every couple of days. You can steep tobacco flavors for almost three weeks; dessert flavors for almost four weeks; fruit flavors take about a week.

What’s the best way to keep e-juice in Arizona?2019-08-26T19:52:12+00:00

E-liquids should be stored in a dark, cool place. This will give it a longer lifespan.

How does someone new to vaping and e-cigarettes get started?2019-06-21T20:01:47+00:00

You can start by talking to an associate at one of our local shops. They can explain to you what vaping is, what you need to get started, and how it works. This knowledge will greatly improve your vaping experience because you will know what to expect.

What kinds of juice ratios do you offer with regards to VG/PG blends?2019-06-21T20:01:30+00:00

Ratios of 70/30, 80/20, and max VG are carried at every one of our shops.

What is your return policy?2019-08-26T19:53:21+00:00

For shipments, please contact our Flagstaff Vape Store directly. For store purchases, take your receipt and the item back to the store where it was purchased. An associate will be happy to talk to you about returns and exchanges.

How soon can I get my order?2019-06-21T20:00:44+00:00

If you are a business, we can ship your order within 3-5 business days. For individual sales, local pickup is available once the order is placed.

What about ordering online?2019-06-21T20:00:17+00:00

Sorry, but no. Because we can’t verify anyone’s birth date online, we don’t take orders this way.

Can my order be shipped?2019-08-26T19:54:23+00:00

Because of Federal and Arizona laws concerning age verification, we aren’t allowed to directly ship products to our customers. That said, we can make business-to-business deliveries.

Are your products available at wholesale prices for vape shop owners?2019-06-21T19:59:32+00:00

Yes! We need your contact info, including the name of your shop. A sales rep will contact you to talk about the products you want more information about.

Can I talk to someone at Cloud Slingers about distributing my line of e-juice?2019-06-21T19:59:07+00:00

We welcome new and exceptional products from e-juice makers and vendors alike. Email us your contact info, product descriptions, and pricing for us to consider selling your line.

It doesn’t look like the e-juice line or flavor I prefer is listed on your website. Is there a way to find out when you will have it?2019-08-26T19:55:25+00:00

If you don’t see what you’re looking for online, email us. Input from our Arizona customers is the best way for us to look into new products for our Flagstaff Vape Store.

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