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Flagstaff vape shop

Flagstaff Vape Shop

Do I save by choosing vaping over smoking?2019-07-01T20:44:50+00:00

The juice you buy from our Flagstaff Vape Shop will save you money over time. The top of the line devices come with a more significant price tag, but it’s a matter of choice and not a necessity.

Can vaping help me quit my smoking habit?2019-08-26T19:23:32+00:00

Although not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation product, a multitude of users we have met in our Arizona stores have found success with vaping.

How do I choose a vaping device?2019-06-21T19:50:00+00:00

Think about what suits you the best. If looking for portability, then the pocket device may be the way to go, but if you seek more power than nothing beats a box mod vape. While a la carte allows you to build your system but choosing different components, convenience and simplicity is found in the complete systems.

Any Arizona companies that I must avoid?2019-08-26T19:25:50+00:00

Research of the Flagstaff Vape Shop is the key. Spend some time checking reviews, the brand, and the product. Asking a friend may also help in learning more about companies.

Anything that matches smoking?2019-06-21T19:49:19+00:00

A lot of users have found JUUL to be the closest but understand that it is not going to be 100% the same. Cig-a-likes also come very close to the feel and taste of a cigarette.

Which tobacco flavor is the best?2019-06-21T19:48:53+00:00

To find the best flavor, you would need to try a few before you see it. An important thing to note is that you may never find an e-liquid which exactly matches the taste of a cigarette.

Is vaping lighter on my wallet?2019-08-26T19:26:58+00:00

The vaping device is an expensive one-time investment. But savings from the e-liquids you but from our Flagstaff Vape Shop trump cigarette costs in Arizona by a margin.

Are there different strengths in e-liquids?2019-06-21T19:48:12+00:00

Yes. Starting at 18 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine content; initially, a decrease to 12 milligrams per milliliter is quite common in cigarette smokers. It is recommended to start low if your nicotine tolerance is on the lower side.

How do I choose an e-liquid?2019-06-21T19:47:53+00:00

It’s a matter of personal choice. Your affinity to certain flavors and brands increases over time. For those who smoke, the tobacco flavor is the best.

Can you explain PG or VG e-liquids?2019-06-21T19:47:37+00:00

They are both ingredients of an e-liquid. PG stands for Propylene glycol while VG implies vegetable glycerol. PG is known to give you a stronger hit and an enhanced flavor while the VG is lighter on the throat and lungs and produces a visible vapor.

Should I try vaping?2019-07-01T20:48:42+00:00

If you are trying to quit smoking addictions then vaping juice from our Flagstaff Vape Shop could be the best thing you could try. Many have succeeded in achieving their goals with vaping.

Are there restrictions in Arizona where you can vape?2019-08-26T19:28:25+00:00

Local laws and regulations define vaping areas. Vaping in public is prohibited in some places in Flagstaff and other cities. Also, it is the choice of the property owner to allow or disallow vaping.

What are the supplies that I need?2019-06-21T19:46:37+00:00

Commonly used vaping devices include e-cigarettes, pocket vaporizers, pen vaporizers, and box mods. Size, power, and portability are the things to consider before buying one of them. These devices use e-liquids to generate vapors.

Any side effects of vaping?2019-08-26T19:31:43+00:00

Nicotine is an ingredient in -liquids which is known to be very addictive. It has also known to affect children, teenagers, and pregnant women adversely. To avoid these risks, you can choose from nicotine-free e-liquids that we make available in our Arizona stores.

What makes people try vaping?2019-06-21T19:45:52+00:00

If you want to avoid the health issues associated with tobacco and smoke but want to enjoy the sensation and feel of smoking, vaping is the way to go. The e-liquids used in vaping are available in a multitude of flavors and provide a pleasant experience.

What powers a vaping device?2019-06-21T19:45:32+00:00

There is a coil heating element in a vaping device which is usually powered by a battery. When the coil heats, it turns the e-liquid into vapor. You have many options available in the market when it comes to vaping devices.

Can you explain vaping to me?2019-06-21T19:45:15+00:00

The process of inhaling and exhaling vapor with an electronic cigarette is called vaping.

I heard about steeping my juice. How do I go about it?2019-06-21T19:44:54+00:00

The flavor of your e-liquid improves when appropriately aged. It involves evaporation of little amounts of alcohol and blending of ingredients with time. Store it in a cool and dark place in an opaque box. Once a day, remove the cap for half an hour. For best results, fruit flavors need steeping for one week; tobacco needs around three weeks and close to four weeks for dessert flavors.

What the best way to preserving juice in Arizona?2019-08-26T19:33:00+00:00

The best practice is to keep them in a cool and dark place.

Just venturing into e-cigarettes and vaping. Where do I begin?2019-06-21T19:44:08+00:00

The first step is to understand how vaping works, the supplies involved, and what to expect. The optimal process would be to invest some time in research and then make the choice that suits your needs.

I see options for VG/PG blends with other vendors. What are the juice ratios available with you?2019-06-21T19:43:42+00:00

70/30, 80/20, and max VG ratios are available in our stores.

SOS! This is not what I wanted; how do I get this one returned?2019-06-21T19:42:53+00:00

Grab your product and the receipt. Walk into the store where you purchased it. Any of our representatives there will be able to advise if we can take it back or exchange it.

How quickly can I get my orders?2019-08-26T19:34:40+00:00

Our products are on their way within 3-5 business days. Please note that we only ship from our Flagstaff shop to businesses. You can always use a local pick if you want.

I don’t see an option to order online.2019-06-21T19:40:57+00:00

Our policy prohibits us from selling our products online as it is tough to verify a buyer’s age online. Therefore, we do not offer the option of online ordering.

How do I get orders shipped to my Arizona address?2019-08-26T19:35:39+00:00

We only ship from our Flagstaff Vape Shop directly to businesses. Age verification laws prevent us from sending directly to customers.

I want to get your products in my shop. Do you guys wholesale?2019-06-21T19:39:51+00:00

Yes. Tell us the list of products you like and your contact number, and we will have someone from our sales team get in touch with you.

I want to sell my e-liquid through Cloud Singers. What is the process for a new maker/vendor?2019-06-21T19:39:25+00:00

We are always on the lookout for selling new and high-quality products in our stores. Put the following details in an email, and we will look into it right away. We need your product list, costs involved, and how to get in touch with you.

I have been searching for a certain e-juice line on the site but can’t seem to find it. When can I expect you to add it to your available list?2019-08-26T19:36:58+00:00

Found something that you love but missing from our Arizona shops? Get us the e-liquid flavor of your choice with its nicotine strength, and we will begin our quest of finding it and try to make it available in our Flagstaff Vape Shop.

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