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What’s cheaper in Arizona – vaping or smoking?2019-09-03T17:57:30+00:00

There aren’t many situations where you won’t save your money by shopping at our Chandler Vape Shop and giving up smoking and taking up vaping.

Can I finally get off smoking cigarettes by using vaping?2019-07-29T21:08:10+00:00

A great many smokers have managed to use vaping as a part of their overall plan to leave cigarettes behind. However, the FDA imposes strict regulations on smoking cessation aids, and officially, vaping products are not classed this way.

I’m not sure which vaping device to buy. What do I need to look for?2019-07-29T21:07:39+00:00

Your ideal device will come down to what you prefer and how much convenience and simplicity you want. Box mod vapes are dominant, whereas complete systems are the solution for vapers wanting ease and uncomplicated flavors.

I’ve heard some Arizona vaping companies aren’t great. How do I avoid them?2019-09-03T18:01:15+00:00

It’s the same as with anything. The internet is an excellent resource for facts, and if you do your reading and check reviews, it’s more than possible to avoid having a bad experience.

What do I buy to replicate smoking best?2019-08-08T20:55:31+00:00

Many ex-smokers we meet at our Chandler Vape Shop find that JUUL is an excellent replacement for the cigarette because it is a very similar compact size and the hit compares well. When you’re giving up smoking, you mustn’t expect to find a carbon copy for cigarettes, but some devices come close and will save you lots of money.

If tobacco is my flavor, how can I have the best flavor experience?2019-07-29T21:06:15+00:00

While vaping will never be precisely the same as smoking tobacco, you can have an equally enjoyable experience if you experiment with tobacco flavors. Try out all of the many different types available until you find the best one for you.

Is vaping a cheaper option that smoking is?2019-09-03T18:02:23+00:00

Depending on taxes where you live in Arizona, vaping is nearly always cheaper and often a fraction of the cost of smoking cigarettes. After an initial device purchase, e-liquids are relatively inexpensive.

I’m unsure about e-liquid strengths. What should I buy?2019-07-29T21:05:18+00:00

Often, tobacco smokers begin a nicotine content of 18 milligrams in every ml. They eventually decrease that to 12 mg in each ml. If you’re not an ex-smoker, it’s likely your nicotine tolerance will be lower than that. In which case, you should be looking at lower nicotine strength options.

Which e-liquids do you think I should be looking to purchase?2019-07-29T21:04:42+00:00

Everyone has their tastes. As you become an experienced vaper, you’ll develop your favorites. Smokers taking up vaping often have success with tobacco flavors.

I keep reading about PG & VG e-juices. What do these terms mean?2019-09-03T18:04:13+00:00

PG stands for propylene glycol – this provides a meatier hit when you inhale it, and the flavors are more intense generally. VG means vegetable glycerol, and it creates more of an impressive vapor cloud when you use it, although visitors to our Chandler Vape Shop often tell us the feel is easier on the lungs.

Is getting into vaping the correct choice for me to make?2019-09-03T18:06:06+00:00

If you’re a smoker in Arizona who is finding it difficult to quit, then vaping is almost certainly going to be a great move and a healthier option for you.

Are there places in Arizona I can’t vape?2019-09-03T18:06:50+00:00

Just as smoking is banned in specific locations and areas, vaping is too. As with anything, it’s your responsibility to know the laws and regulations in the place you intend to vape. If you have any further questions please ask one of our staff members the next time you visit our Chandler Vape Shop.

What do I have to purchase to get started on my vaping journey?2019-07-29T21:02:32+00:00

First, you’ll have to get the all-important vaping device. Once you’ve got that, you need an e-liquid, and you’re off! Call into our store to talk through options for both with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Is it safe to vape?2019-07-29T21:02:10+00:00

Some e-liquids contain nicotine, which at the end of the day, is an addictive substance. Nicotine is dangerous to the health of children, teens, and women when they’re pregnant. It is possible, however, to buy nicotine-free vaping liquids.

Why do I need to be thinking about getting a vaping device?2019-07-29T21:01:48+00:00

Lots of smokers use vaping as part of a plan to get off cigarettes because vaping is similar in its rituals and sensations to smoking. Others appreciate the flavors and the social side of vaping, but there are many reasons to get into the rich flavor experiences it offers.

How does the device that I use for vaping work?2019-07-29T21:01:25+00:00

Although there are a lot of different devices for vaping available to buy, they all use a battery which heats a coil and vaporizes e-juices with different flavors.

Exactly what is vaping?2019-07-29T21:00:58+00:00

Vaping is a way to inhale and exhale vapor using an electronic device.

I’ve heard that some vapers ‘steep’ their e-juices. What’s that about and should I try it?2019-07-29T21:00:35+00:00

When we talk about steeping e-juices, all we mean is that we’re letting it age a while before we use it. Aging or steeping your juice is easy. It helps to blend the ingredients more effectively and can even enhance the flavor. All you need to do to steep your juice is keep it in a dark container in a cool place. You’ll need to remove the lid from the bottle for thirty minutes every three days to let it breathe. Be careful to limit the time you steep to seven days for fruit flavors, tobacco flavors can go for three weeks, and dessert flavors will take a maximum of one month.

What’s the best method for storing e-juice in Arizona?2019-09-03T18:08:30+00:00

To get the maximum benefit from the e-juices you buy at our Chandler Vape Shop, keep them in a cool place away from bright sunlight.

I’m a complete vaping and e-cigarette newbie. What do I need to know?2019-07-29T20:59:45+00:00

Don’t worry because we were all noobs once! The best way to get into vaping is to start by reading up on the subject and finding out how it works. Get an idea of what you’ll need to buy to get started and define your expectations. Armed with knowledge is the best way to be when you undertake any new activity, and there is much information out there!

I’ve noticed that it’s possible to buy various VG & PG blends. Does Cloud Slingers sell different juice ratios too?2019-07-29T20:59:22+00:00

Absolutely! Our outlets offer a wide selection of juices, and they come in 70/30 version, 80/20 version, and we also offer the max VG ratios as well.

If I have an issue with my order, how do I go about returning my purchase(s)?2019-07-29T20:59:01+00:00

If there’s a problem with your order, we’re happy to help. Take the item of items along to the outlet where you purchased and be sure to bring your receipt. One of our associates will assess the product(s), and we’ll offer an exchange where we’re able to accept the return.

Does Cloud Slingers have a policy on shipping?2019-09-03T18:09:50+00:00

Business to business orders are the only orders we ship from our Chandler Vape Shop. All our orders are processed rapidly and mailed within 3-5 business days. Local pickup is available if required.

Can I place online orders with you?2019-08-08T21:00:00+00:00

Our legal obligations, unfortunately, prevent us from making this service available. Online sales make it virtually impossible to ensure we’re not selling vape products to minors and present challenges to our Chandler Vape Shop in terms of age verification.

Does Cloud Slingers ship to customers?2019-07-29T20:57:52+00:00

We’re unable to ship to individuals due to the difficulties it presents adhering to age verification laws. The only time we’re able to mail products is when the order is made from business to business.

I’m a vape retailer in Arizona. Can I purchase your products at wholesale prices?2019-09-03T18:10:37+00:00

You certainly can! Get in touch via email and let us have your contact information. If you let us know your shop name and which products you’re interested in stocking, one of our guys will get straight back to you.

I’m a producer/seller of e-juices. Can I get my products stocked with Cloud Slingers?2019-07-29T20:56:44+00:00

At Cloud Slingers, we’re always searching for the best products to sell in our stores. If you’re a vendor of high-quality vaping products, email your product details, pricing, and let us know how we can contact you.

You don’t currently stock my favorite e-juice. Do you take requests?2019-08-08T21:01:08+00:00

When it comes down to it, our Chandler Vape Shop is here to make sure that your vaping experience is excellent. If there’s something you want and we don’t currently stock it, please get in touch and let us know which flavor you prefer and the strength you use. We’ll be happy to try to get it stocked in your nearest store.

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